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Acid Free Cotton Sheets

  • Like the acid-free Bender Board, this special, non-processed paper is for filling and covering. It is softer and its application differs from that of Bender Board. It is designed to cover large open areas (e.g. relief backgrounds) to keep the sculpture light, but while still covering hollow areas. It is thicker than and stronger than EFA Soft Paper. It is also less expensive because it is not a EFA processed sheet. It is not as strong as EFA Hard Paper and Board, and is whiter. It is meant to be covered with EFA Soft Paper by skinning and “sculpting over.” Its special applications are covered and illustrated in some of the EFA videos.26.5″ x 19.5 ” full sheet-  $10

13.25″ x 17 ” half sheet- $6

13.25″ x 10″ quarter sheet- $4