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Starter Casts:™ Bears

Description: This (1/6 life-size) Starter Cast™ of an adult Bear and a bear cub can be used for many different bear species, by simply altering the cast (using Eckman Method® techniques).

Note: All Starter Casts™ are simply shaped life forms with minimal detailand are not posed.  The finished sculpture is just an example of what can be done with Eckman Method®.

Mature Bear 1/4 life-size

Starter Cast size 16” long by 10” high

Complete cast $50

Head cast only  $15


Bear Cub 1/3 life-size (can be modified as a 1/6 life-size adult bear)

Starter Cast size 6.5” long by 4.25” high


Complete cast $15

Head cast only  $5