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Buffalo-Starter Casts™

Buffalo Starter Casts™ (one-sixth life-size scale) range from a large bull, to a small calf, available in five different sizes. All but the large bull were originally sculpted from molds made for Starter Casts™ for Allen and Patty’s monumental sculpture “Creating Prairie Edge Hunt”. Now, you can order these casts, pose and finish them in EFA papers, just like you see the Eckmans do in the Creating Prairie Edge Hunt DVD.  Sizes and prices for each kind are listed below. Pictured are the posed and finished examples of each one made from Starter Casts™.

Big Bull- 12″ high x 18″ long

Two Year Old Bull- 11.5″ high x 17″ long

Cow- 10.5″ high x 15″ long

Yearling- 9″ high x 13″ long

Calf- 5″ high x 7″ long