• Eckman Method® Accessories and Miniatures DVD

    Description: This DVD shows how Allen Eckman creates step-by-step the items shown in the photograph below: The buffalo skull, the bow and arrows, the Sharps carbine, the knife and sheathe, quiver with bowcase and feathers. This is a high level … Continue reading

  • Your Molds and the Eckman Method® 5 DVD Set

    By ordering  the “Your Molds and the Eckman Method®” 5 DVD Set  you get 9 hours and 18 minutes of hard hitting instruction and information  (no tools or materials are included). The “Your Molds and the Eckman Method® Economy Kit”, is … Continue reading

  • Eckman Fine Art DVDs

    CREATING PRAIRIE EDGE HUNT This hard-hitting video reveals the Eckman’s creation of “Prairie Edge Hunt” from its conception through to the signing of the piece.  Allen and Patty spent 11 months and 32 hours of video documenting every phase of the piece’s creation. This … Continue reading