• 2P-CAT Precision Paper Cutting Assist Tool

      Description: Invented by Allen Eckman, this tool is the instrument by which Allen and Patty use to preform the precision cuts in their stunning cast paper sculptures to create all the wonderful detail. It easily mounts to almost any … Continue reading

  • Plastic Sculpture Tool Set

     Description: This plastic set of  12 sculpture tools is ideal for casting and sculpting small delicate areas of  your work.  Measuring approximately 5.5″ to 7.5″ in length the tools bend to ad tourk and pressure but do not brake.  These … Continue reading

  • Large Paddle Burnisher Sculpture Tool

    Description: This tool is approximately one and one half inches wide and ten and one half inches high and is one of the official tools designed and used by the Eckmans.  It is an ideal tool for sculpting and hard … Continue reading

  • Long Sculpture Tools and Burnisher Set

    Description: This set of ten 8″ boxwood sculpture tools and burnishers are identical to the ones Allen and Patty Eckman use to sculpt and burnish their sculptures. These long 8″ tools are ideal for hard burnishing to smooth the paper wet … Continue reading

  • Short Sculpture Tools and Burnisher Set

    Description: This short handled set of ten 6″ boxwood sculpture tools and burnishers are like the ones Allen and Patty Eckman use to sculpt and burnish their sculptures. A good set of sculpture tools and burnishers are of great benefit in learning … Continue reading

  • EFA Drying Stands

    These special drying stands make it possible for artists to dry their works while in progress. The open-air, grid design allows for even and consistent drying. The adjustable legs allow for flexibility in height. Small Drying Stand- 6.5”x 10.5” Large … Continue reading

  • Tuck-Tool Burnisher

    This special tool is a proprietary design invented by Allen Eckman. As such, it is an official EFA tool manufactured by, and available only through, Eckman Fine Art™.  Each of these durable tools is made individually, by hand. The tool … Continue reading

  • EFA Official Wire, Rod and Tube Set

    Description: Wire, rod and tubes tools are important for rolling paper on in a number of applications (ranging from flow stems to rifle barrels).  They are all about 18” long and are in graduated thicknesses. Sizes: 1/32”- 1/16” - 3/32” - 1/8” - 5/32” - … Continue reading

  • EFA Official Awl and Brush Set

    Description: Use the very same types of quality tools you see Allen and Patty using in their videos. This set includes: 6 awls, 12 brushes and 6 stick stools. A good set of awls and brushes is required to perfect the … Continue reading

  • Official EFA Sculpture Stands

    Description: These specially designed sculpture stands are unique to Eckman Fine Art (EFA) and were designed by Allen Eckman. 1. Relief Sculpture Swivel Stand- Ideal for working on relief sculptures.  The pre-drilled holes are for temporarily mounting your sculpture while … Continue reading

  • Official EFA Tool Set

      Set Includes: Two Special Drying Stands- These stands make it possible for artists to dry their works in-progress on all sides, due to the open-air grid design and adjustable height legs. Small Drying Stand- 6.5”x 10.5” and Large Drying Stand- … Continue reading