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This hard-hitting video reveals the Eckman’s creation of “Prairie Edge Hunt” from its conception through to the signing of the piece.  Allen and Patty spent 11 months and 32 hours of video documenting every phase of the piece’s creation. This is a great instructional tool for artists, as well as an informational resource for collectors.  Watch the Eckmans working step-by-step, as they explain their process in the creation of this amazing work. As an added bonus at the end of the video, Allen shows a special 27-minute slideshow of the many component pieces as he describes them in detail.




Patty and Allen Eckman have pioneered their unique style of fine art museum quality cast paper sculpture since 1987.  They have become the foremost masters of the medium world wide by developing and evolving their method over two decades.  This video covers the evolution of their work from the beginning.  The artists themselves describe in detail their works, their methods, and their progression.  See hundreds of their creations and watch them work on some of them as they describe what they are doing and how they are teaching other artists cast paper sculpture with the Eckman Method®.




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