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EFA Pulp Paper Blankets

These special processed EFA Pulp Paper Blankets have a variety of uses from mold casting, to freehand sculpting and covering.  It comes in wet layers so it can be peeled as thick as any artist desires.  When the EFA Bonding Agent is brushed on, and the paper is burnished or pressed in, it stays in position much like clay does in more typical sculpture manipulation.  When it dries, it is hard and ready for further finishing.  It comes in an acid-free bag, as do all EFA papers.  It is wet, but will dry out if left out of the bag.  This paper should be used when wet.  If it were to dry out completely, it can be remoistened by a water spray and placed back in the acid-free bag.  This package is roughly equivalent to the amount of paper found in six super thick #6 soft paper sheets. The weight is approximately 2.5-3 pounds per bag.

Price: $40.00