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EFA Soft Paper- Bulk Rate Orders

Get more paper and maximum value for your money with bulk orders. EFA Soft Paper is acid-free and museum quality for sculpting.  That means the sculptures will not yellow or deteriorate over time, as long as the paper is not contaminated. Keeping hands, working surfaces and tools clean will insure the integrity of archival art.

The paper varies in thickness from the #1 sheet (super thin), to the #6 sheet (super thick). This paper is the secret to creating beautiful works of art, and is the very foundation for the Eckman Method®. These special sculpture sheets are formulated and processed with a great deal of specialized equipment and know-how.  All EFA is paper handmade, and there is no substitute.  Together with the EFA Bonding Agent, the paper fibers melt and fuse with other EFA Hard Paper, EFA Board and Starter Casts,™ much like metal does in the bronze process. Notice that the cost for #2-#5 sheets is the same.  The difference comes in the processing time, not the materials.  If you wish to order more than three sheets of any of these papers, you should do so by ordering larger quantities on this page. You will realize significant savings when buying in bulk.





If you want these reduced prices 
you must order any 4-10 sheets from one scale and any over 11 sheets from the other. Please tell us what # sheet and how many you want from each scale.

For orders of 11 or more.