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About EFA Fine Art Prints

About the Artists and their Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Since 1987, Allen and Patty Eckman have created cast paper sculpture that has been recognized internationally as the best in the world. The sculptures that the Eckmans produce have more detail than any other pure sculpture medium ever created. These special fine art prints are limited edition works of art accomplished from digital photography, sculpture from past works, and paintings. Allen photographs each original sculpture he and Patty do upon completion. Later, he retrieves the archived photos to create his stunning original fine art prints. It is the expert lighting techniques that give many of these prints such a visible, 3-D appearance. The edition quantities are all relatively small, making each piece very special and valuable as a fine art collectable.

Allen combines the photos of sculptures with other original photos of actual landscapes, or those created from their sculpture. The elements are then combined with digital painting and photo techniques to create these original fine art prints. The results are a stunning, high detail 3-D realism that is as unique as their original sculptures. These prints are all in very small editions and available in a variety of sizes. The Eckman Fine Art studio can frame these prints in acrylic or a variety of wood frames. They can also be combined with the addition of an original miniature sculpture. The result” You can proudly display a truly unique, one-of-a-kind collectable.  On the left, is Allen’s large “White Buffalo Sky” digital watercolor print, framed with his limited edition “Buffalo Pipe” miniature.  This combination can be ordered on this page (price does not include framing), while information on these pieces can be found on their respective pages (where they can also be ordered). You can find many samples of “frameable” miniature sculptures, as well as the original large works on this website. Every print and sculpture is signed and numbered by the artists, Allen and Patty Eckman.

As the Eckman’s continue producing original works in cast paper, Allen will continue developing more fine art prints to add to your collection.  All Eckman Fine Art prints and posters are printed with archival inks on archival papers.