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Human Male Bust-Starter Cast™

Description: This one-third life-size male bust Starter Cast™ is designed to be transformed into any body or any thing the artist desires.  Allen has done a number of portraits as well as cowboys, indians, Civil War figures and more, from this Starter Cast™.

Casts include eyeballs, ears and torso. The 1/3 life-size bust casts are casted cut-off at the waist and upper arms, while all other scale sizes are open in these areas.  There is also a Project Lesson™ in the 1/3 life-size called “Three Coups-Bust Project Lesson”™ with all the materials to do the project, and has a step-by-step DVD. This Project Lesson™ is recommended.

You will need to order paper and bonding agent to finish all Starter Cast™ sizes here.  We cannot know what you want to do with your cast, but below is the 1/3 life-size of the finished “Three Coups-Bust Project Lesson”™.  It took about one leather sheet (clothes), one half #4 sheet (chasing), one half #2 sheet (chasing), one half #2 hard sheet (hair), small abaca bender board sheet (posing) and a 1/4 cup “EFA Bonding Agent, “and some bead casts. E-mail or call us if you have any questions about what you need to accomplish your piece.

1/6 life-size is cast is 4″high by  3.5″wide*

1/4 life-size is cast is 7″high by  6″wide*

1/3 life-size is cast is 8″high by  7″wide

1/2 life-size is cast is 14″high by  12″wide

life-size cast is 28″high by 24″wide

*No separate cast for eyes and ears.