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Native American Indian Dancers

Dancers Patty and Allen really enjoy creating Native American Dance subjects. It shows in the elaborate detail and gestures of the dancers and their outfits.   Native American Indian Powwows are scheduled events in most of the United States. Dancers compete in various dance categories, each having certain unique requirements for their individual dance regalia.  Most of these are one-of-a-kind, but some of the child dancers are in a series Patty creates as “Limited Edition Originals.”  These have been done in four different scales (1/6 life-size to 1/2 life size) with a consistent level of detail regardless of size.  Email us or call for ideas and estimates of the piece you would like to own!  The cart will add $10 to the $490 to make it a $500.00 sketch fee.  








You can make a deposit of $500 on a commission for a dancer from Allen or Patty Eckman and they will contact you personally.

Price: $450.00