Turning Paper in to Bronze

Allen and Patty Eckman have developed an revolutionary process that allows the artists to turn their museum quality paper creations into bronze while retaining the archival paper in its original state. This process is only available through Eckman Fine Art and no other artists or foundry in the world knows how to do it. There are numerous benefits to creating bronzes with this new Eckman Method.
  • Archiving the Original

    Unlike clay, after the original museum quality cast paper sculpture is molded, the original immerges from the process unharmed and after being properly cleaned is completely archival and can be used for display. So if a commission is done this way there are two; the paper original and the bronze. The paper original is actually more like wood and leather than paper. It is very strong and durable.

  • Lightweight and Strong Original

    Unlike clay the original museum quality cast paper sculpture is lightweight and strong which affords many benefits to the mold maker and commissioner alike. Life-size monuments weigh about 40-50 lbs and are easily transported without forklifts and many individuals. The piece can easily be laid down for molding and even disassembled easily if necessary.

  • Greater Detail Without Compromise

    Unlike clay, the original museum quality cast paper sculpture can have much higher detail. The Eckmans are known for their detail and their method adapts beautifully to bronzes featuring detail and textures that simply are not possible in clay. The process allows for more undercuts that can be molded in place or easily extracted from the original for molding separately. Many artists have trouble with high detail items like rifles, buttons, insignias etc. So they mold real or artificially made items. This is a compromise in the original clay sculpture that may or may not show up in the finished bronze but the Eckmans sculpt the detail in the original work, which is a pure fine art medium, and there is no compromise.

  • Editions in Bronze and Paper

    After the Eckmans create the original sculpture in paper to be molded, the sculpture is sealed. The mold is taken and the original is archived. Now the mold can be used for limited editions in bronze as well as paper. The paper editions will have much more flying detail than the bronze, such as individual strands of hair. But the paper editions will be less costly because there is no foundry charge.

The following images are examples of the Eckman Method® turning paper into bronze.


Blessing the Journey


Lincoln Writing


Pride of the Blackfeet Warrior



Taking the Bull with the Bow


Traditional Dancer


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