About the Prints & Miniatures and How they can be used Together


Eckman Fine Art Prints are a series of fine art limited edition signed and numbered prints all done by Allen Eckman using photographs of the original sculpture he and Patty have created over the years. Allen combines the photos of sculptures with other original photos of landscapes and or landscapes created from their sculpture and combining these with painting and photo techniques, original fine art prints are created. The results are a stunning high detail 3-D realism that is as truly as unique as their original sculptures. These prints are all in very small editions and are in a variety of sizes. The Eckman Fine Art studio can frame these prints in acrylic or a variety of wood frames, and with an addition of an original miniature sculpture, the wall hanging can be a truly unique one-of-a-kind collectable.


These limited edition original miniature cast paper sculptures by Allen and Patty Eckman are all done one at a time by the artists using the exclusive Eckman Method® of fine art cast paper sculpture. The artists have created hundreds of editions and thousands of sculptures over the years and each one is truly a treasure. They are all signed and numbered by the artists and are often framed in clear acrylic in the Eckman Fine Art studio or with Allen's original prints.

Below are a few samples prints and miniatures that work very well together. From here please go to the Prints and or Miniatures pages to view the entire selection of both Prints and Miniatures.

Buffalo Dancer Poster - Poney Dance Stick


Hurry Up and Wait - M-16

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