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“Riders on the Wind”

Description: “Riders on the Wind” are one-of-a-kind, original sculptures by Allen Eckman. They are a series of riders on horseback. While they are combination sculptures of a human and a horse, the horses actually represent “The Wind”. Most of the riders are Indians. Using their trademark process, “the Eckman Method® of Fine Art Cast Paper Sculpture”, Allen creates this type of one-at-a-time. The paper is museum quality (acid-free). These works are created in 1/6 and 1/4 life-size scales. Most are relief wall hangings, but some are free-standing pedestal pieces. The majority of which is 1/4 life-size (sold in a beautiful clear acrylic case). Each of these pieces takes the artists 40-80 hours to complete. The pieces here represent only a fraction of the riders Allen has completed over the years.

NOTE: Commission deposit for sketch comprehensive and artist’s personal return communications is $500.

Price: $490.00