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The Art of Allen and Patty Eckman


Allen and Patty’s

Range of Work

Patty and Allen Eckman have been creating wonderful, high-detail works in their handmade, acid-free cast paper sculpture since 1988. They have become internationally recognized as not only masters in the medium, but at this time, the sole masters. The Eckmans have shared their work with millions of art enthusiasts over the years, and now wish to share their process with artists who desire to learn cast paper sculpture with the Eckman Method®. The Eckman Method® of museum quality fine art cast paper sculpture is a trademark of Eckman Fine Art Inc. and Allen and Patty Eckman.

From this page, you can navigate through the one-of-a-kind and limited edition works of the artists, which encompass the different categories of works Patty and Allen have done individually, as well as some they have done together.

The Eckmans offer:

A special invitation from the Eckmans 

We invite collectors and artists alike to view the many works we have produced over the years, as well as pieces currently available in representative fine art galleries.  All of this, in addition to works from Eckman Fine Art itself.  Collectors can order direct from this website.  Some pieces must be created, and we will keep the purchaser advised as to the progress of their work, and when the order will be delivered.

The Eckmans also invite artists who are interested to “Learn Cast Paper Sculpture with the Eckman Method®”.  It is the only way they can learn cast paper sculpture. If you want to produce results even close to the level the Eckmans have, we encourage you to take advantage of this path to learning how.