b Print/Digital Watercolor (WC)-Giclee on WC Paper: The Prayer Warrior | Eckman Fine Art

Print/Digital Watercolor (WC)-Giclee on WC Paper: The Prayer Warrior

Description: This is a convincing image—resembling a watercolor on watercolor paper —of a Plains Indian Chief holding up a buffalo skull in prayer, as a Golden Eagle soars above. Allen did a digital composite from the photos of his sculptures to create this scene. The composited image of the Chief was done from many different pieces to create the image.  The eagle is also an original sculpture. Allen put so much work into this multi-media creation; he created three prints from the original digital composite. For the oil on canvas and the watercolor, Allen added a photographic sky. He then applied some transparent digital oil painting techniques. In this water color, he used transparent watercolor over the 2-D sculptured image.  He left the light and shadow to come through to finish this dazzling newly created image. Allen Eckman   Giclee on WC paper print size: 16″ x 21″ Edition of 100 signed and numbered

Price: $150.00