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Print: Traditional Dancer

Description:  This print is a photograph of a subject matter the Eckmans have considered to be a personal favorite for many years, the Traditional Dancer. Allen created this cast paper sculpture as a one-quarter life-size piece. With this piece he won the prestigious gold medal in the sculpture category, at the 2008 National Veterans Creative Arts Festival.  The traditional dancer is one of the oldest Native American Dances and overall competitive dance categories. It was developed by the Plaines Indians, who have presumably been doing it traditionally for centuries. The dance is done with various dance sticks and other accessories (e.g. dance fan, bone breast plate, porcupine roach headdress and an eagle feather bustle).  It is judged on the dancer’s native regalia, grace and level of creativity.  Here, the traditional dancer holds a fan and pony dance stick.  The print is produced on archival photo paper using archival inks. It is signed and numbered by the artist.

Allen Eckman

Print Size: 15.5″ x 25″

Edition of 100 signed and numbered

Price: $150.00