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Tuck-Tool Burnisher

This special tool is a proprietary design invented by Allen Eckman. As such, it is an official EFA tool manufactured by, and available only through, Eckman Fine Art™.  Each of these durable tools is made individually, by hand.

The tool has many uses. These include rolling paper over wire, rod and tube forms to create everything from flower stems, to rifle barrels. It comes in all deluxe kits of the EFA Project Lessons™ such as ”Patty’s Flowers® Deluxe Kits,” as well as many of the other “Eckman Method® Deluxe Kits”. It can be seen in all the EFA DVD’s which illustrate its many uses very demonstrably. The tool is made of wood and metal and measures about 7″ by 1/2″. Photo shows top and side views.

Price: $12.00