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Large Watercolor Giclee Print: White Buffalo Sky

Description: This is one of Allen’s most popular fine art prints. It is a mystical scene where the spirits of three medicine men hold up the buffalo medicine pipe, buffalo medicine skull and buffalo medicine horn with rattle. Suddenly, at sunset, the white buffalo spirit appears. Allen first photographed the sculpture of the three medicine men, as well as the buffalo, from another Eckman piece. Then, Allen did a digital composite from photos of his sculpture, and this sunset he took in Wyoming. From these elements, this stunning digital watercolor was born. This fine art print is a giclee on high-quality archival fine art water color paper, with archival inks and a sandstone texture. It is signed and numbered by the artist (trim size: 17″x 24″).

Allen Eckman

Image Size: 16″x22.5″

Price: $175.00