About the Artists and These Limited Edition Prints

Since 1987 Allen and Patty Eckman have created cast paper sculpture that has been recognized internationally as the best in the world. The sculptures that the Eckmans produce has more detail than any other pure medium sculpture ever created. These special fine art pieces are limited edition works of art that are accomplished from digital photography, sculpture from past works, and painting. Allen photographs each original sculpture he and Patty do upon completion and later retrieves the archived photos to create his stunning original fine art prints. It is the expert lighting techniques that give these prints such a visible 3-D appearance.

The editions are all relatively small which makes each piece very special and valuable as a fine art collectable. Collectors often purchase small Eckman sculptures and have them framed with their fine art print. You can find many samples of frameable miniature sculptures as well as the original large works this website. Every print and sculpture is signed and numbered by the artists Allen and Patty Eckman.

As the Eckman's continue producing original works in cast paper Allen will continue developing more fine art prints to add to your collection.

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Indian Prints

Copy About Indian Prints


Babysitting Ten Little Ones


Bringing Back the Buffalo


Calling the Buffalo



Canyon Buffalo Dancers


Fall In Love


Lancers on Rocky Ground



My Home is in the East


Mystic Hunters


Mystic Powwow



North Platte Sunset


Powwow Picking the New Chief


The Prayer Warrior



Prayer Warrior (Sculpture)


Pride of the Sioux


Riding In



Running Elk Takes a Bull


Sioux Spirit Sunset


Standing Bull Dream



Standing Elks Vision


Standing Elk's Vision (Sculpture)


When Love Soars



White Buffalo Returns


White Buffalo Sky



Vietnam Prints

Copy About Vietnam Prints


2 UH-34s and Pig Bravo-Three One


Charlie's House Warming Party


Crossed Antennas



Green Paddies, Green Men and Grey Smoke


Hurry Up and Wait


See Ya Later Charlie



The Insertion

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