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Your Molds and the Eckman Method® Ecomomy Kit

Save money by ordering the “Your Molds and the Eckman Method®” Economy Kit

The Economy Kit is for advanced artists who want learn about and to try the medium on a small project.  If completing a large project is the requirement the “Your Molds and the Eckman Method® Deluxe Kit” is recomended. The complete Delude Kit includes DVD Instruction, tools, bonding agent, EFA Hard Paper and Board, EFA Soft Paper, casting pulp and 35 miniutes of consultation time. Both Economy and Deluxe Kits have the same 5 DVD Set. Watch and learn as you see Allen recreate his piece, “Taking the Bull with the Bow”, as a relief wall hangng in high detail cast paper sculpture with his bronze molds to complete the piece which is 48” long 30” high, 9” in relief.  Allen has also recreated it as a pedestal piece (see bottom photo.

The “Your Molds and the Eckman Method® Program” is for advanced artists working with silicone, latex molds, fiberglass or similar molds. This is for mediums such as wax for bronze, paper, clay, resins, etc. (for sculptures). This program teaches artists how to recreate their pieces in museum-quality cast paper, offering more detail than they can do in their present medium. Professional artists will like getting more for their pieces than they do with bronzes because they do the finish work not a foundry!

In step-by-step fashion, Allen recreates the magic he brought to life in the bronze piece below “Taking the Bull with the Bow,” as a cast paper sculpture.  The DVD shows every step to illustrate (to artists) how they can use their molds to accomplish the same results. This can be done by casting their molds with EFA pulp, finishing with EFA paper and the “Your molds and the Eckman Method® Program”. The paper is very much like metal, fusing paper fibers together with a hard and acid-free result that is completely archival.

This is what you get in the Economy Kit …

The complete package includes everything in the photo to the left and next 0ne below it.   With these products advanced artists are be able to understand this medium and create new and wonderful works of art from their own molds. This is an high level course in cast paper sculpture with easy to understand videos explaining step-by-step how to manipulate and master the EFA Eckman Method® medium of cast paper sculpture.

With these 5 hard hitting DVDs artists will get over 9 hours of instruction on:

Casting, Trim & Assembly- DVD Disk 1

Chasing & Sculpting- DVD Disk 2

Sculpting & Detailing- DVD Disk 3

Base Sculpting and Mounting- DVD (This DVD also includes posing the Human Male Starter Cast in two scales)

Accessories and Miniatures- DVD 

With these EFA hard papers, soft paper and bonding agent artists can create the fine detail they have never before been able to do in any other pure fine art medium.

With these products of EFA pulp and soft paper sheets artists can cast, chase and sculpt  their own unique sculptures from their own molds.


Price: $250.00




Taking the Bull with the Bow-bronze


Taking the Bull with the Bow- 1/6 Life-size