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Acid Free Bender Board

These are special, non-processed, acid-free boards to fill, cover, and roll for EFA Starter Cast™ applications and are easily covered with EFA soft papers.  Its special applications are covered and illustrated in many of the EFA videos, and are also in some of the Project Lesson™ kits.  They have ridges that make it easy to bend and roll, but they are strong and hard for covering, inserting and filling.  This board is thicker and stronger than EFA Soft Paper. It is also less expensive because it is not an EFA processed sheet. It is strong and hard paper and is not as white as EFA processed paper, but it is meant to be covered with EFA Soft Paper (via skinning and sculpting over it). If you do not currently have any, you will need some for the Starter Casts™.

20″ x 17 ” full sheet- $10

10″ x 17 ” half sheet- $6

10″ x 8.5″ quarter sheet- $4