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EFA Hard Paper and Board

EFA Hard Paper and Board is acid-free and museum quality for sculpting with the Eckman Method®.  That means the sculptures will not yellow or deteriorate over time, as long as the paper is not contaminated. Keeping hands, working surfaces and tools clean will insure the integrity of archival art.

The paper varies in thickness from an “Ultra-Thin Hard Sheet”, which is super thin, to the “3/4″ Board” which is super thick and hard as wood.  This paper is the secret to creating beautiful works of art, and is the very foundation for the Eckman Method®. These special sculpture sheets and board are formulated and processed with a great deal of specialized equipment and know-how.  There is no substitute for EFA handmade papers and board.  Along with the EFA Bonding Agent, the paper fibers melt and fuse with other EFA Soft Paper, Hard Paper, Board and Starter Casts,™ much like metal does with the bronze process. We understand that this board is expensive, but we can assure you it is well worth the price.  It is acid- free (unlike wood).

Trees take time to grow. Likewise, it takes time to make this hard paper and board. Each is designed and processed to work with all EFA products, papers and EFA Bonding Agent. These hard paper and board products are for special applications, so you will not need a lot. However, we are certain you will need some. We are just as certain that you will love it! There is no substitute for EFA Hard Paper and Board; it is a wonderful medium to sculpt with.

Because making this hard paper and board is an art and not a science, these thicknesses are not exact.

The following are a few samples of the many uses that the Eckman’s have developed for the various hard paper and board.

Ultra Thin Hard Paper-Hair, fur, lamination and skinning, etc.

Thin Hard Paper-Hair, fur, feathers, lamination and skinning, etc.

Medium Hard Paper-Feather spines on small feathers, large feathers, etc.

1/32″ Board-Large feather spines, hat brims, arrow tips, etc.

1/16″ Board-Large feather spines, hat brims, knife blades, etc.

1/8″ Board-Cradelboards, small claws, knife blades, arrow points, etc.

1/4″ Board-Cradelboards, claws, knife blades, small rifle stocks, mounting etc.

1/2″ Board-Cradelboards, claws, knife blades, rifle stocks, mounting etc.

3/4″ Board-Mounting, cutting and carving to make most anything including pipe heads.

















Ultra Thin, Thin, Medium Thin