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EFA Semi-Hard and Leather Paper

These fine art sheets are for detailing and creating certain effects (e.g. the EFA hard paper). These special sheets are used for clothing, grass, leather items, etc.  The paper is a little more pliable and more absorbent than the hard sheets. You will notice in the magnification the leather grain in the leather sheet (with a deckle edge).  The paper gets progressively thicker (#3 sheets being the thinnest). Leather sheets are approximately 17″x 20,” and other semi-hard sheets are straight-cut (approx.16″ x 19″). All of the aforementioned papers can be ordered as half sheets.

Semi-Hard  Sheets
Thicknesses in #3, #4, #5- $25 half sheets $12.50  #6 super thick semi hard sheet $30 half sheet $15

Leather  Sheets
Thicknesses in #3, #4, #5- $30 half sheets $15  #6 super thick  leather sheet $35  half sheet $17.50