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Warriors in the Wind-”Pronghorn Spirit”

Description: Pronghorn Spirit is a cast paper sculpture from the “Warriors in the Wind” series by Allen Eckman (done as a 1/2 life-size piece). This warrior is a Plaines Indian, possibly Sioux or Cheyenne. He holds a gunstock type war-club and Plaines Indian shield. His headdress is adorned with golden eagle feathers and antelope or pronghorn horns. This one-of-a-kind piece is currently for sale directly from the Eckman Fine Art Studio Gallery.

This piece is framed in a clear acrylic case and is a wall hanging 40″x28″x8″in relief.  This piece is sold, but can be used as an example of a 1/2 life-size Warrior in the Wind.  (See Warriors in the Wind for more design samples.)