Artwork by Allen and Patty Eckman

  • One-of-a-Kind Art

    An extensive example of the depth, volume, and quality of the artist's work as well as a catalog of some of their past pieces Most of these one-of-a-kind pieces are sold, however similar pieces can be ordered.
  • Paper to Bronze

    A unique to the Eckman's and allows them to create detail and textures that cannot be done in other sculpture mediums. There are no size limitations so commissioners can have a monument in bronze for display outside or inside as well as the original for display inside
  • Limited Editions

    Patty & Allen Eckman both have done a series of signed and numbered limited edition pieces. All are really limited edition originals, as each piece requires hands on sculpting.
    All of the pieces in these sections are for sale.
    Animal Heads | Birds and Flowers | Fine Art Prints | Plains Indian Weapons and Regalia
  • Miniatures

    In some cases, like Patty's "Hummin' in the Bluebells" piece shown here, the term miniature is a misnomer. But even though this piece is life-size it is a relatively small piece. However most of Allen and Patty's limited edition miniatures are scaled down from life-size.

Learn Cast Paper Sculpture with the Eckman Method®

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